Prayer Against Metastatic Cancer

800px-Breast_cancer_metastasis_to_liver_(1)I feel strongly impressed this morning to pray for those suffering with cancer. The Lord is moving me to pray specifically against metastatic cancer in any form. Nothing strikes fear in the heart of someone already afflicted with this dreadful disease like the word “metastasize.” You may ask, “well, why not just pray against cancer, period?” I can’t answer that question! I keep seeing little fragments floating around in the bloodstream when I pray, and I believe the Lord means for me to pray specifically against cancer which spreads and infects the whole body. Would you bless someone suffering with this disease by sharing this prayer with him or her?  Please join with me in declaring health and healing over yourself or a loved one:

“Heavenly Father, we come before You today in the strong, all-powerful name of Jesus on behalf of those whom the enemy would afflict not once, but multiple times through cancer which grows and spreads to other organs and body parts. Father, we declare in agreement that cancer is an intruder not welcome in the body of Your children. For those who have already been diagnosed with cancer, we speak Your Word over that mass and contain it now in the Jesus’ name. We surround that diseased tissue with the sinless blood of Jesus, in which there is no death element. Disease cannot pass that sacred blood barrier. We speak to antibodies and white blood cells to attack and destroy whatever is not native to this body which was created in perfection by God Himself. We declare that cancer CANNOT hide, hibernate, or disguise itself from the blood of Jesus! We speak to our blood and command it to become an inhospitable environment where disease cannot remain. We command our blood to become alkaline to its original normal levels, rather than imbalanced and acidic, because God’s Word says that LIFE is in the blood! We declare that the very breath of God sends oxygen coursing through our bloodstream to nourish healthy cells. Our lymph nodes are not relay stations for cancer to bounce from place to place. We call to the abnormal cells in the body and say, “you must die and not multiply.” We speak a supernatural “Teflon” effect to manifest in the bones, blood, tissue, and organs which makes them impervious to metastasizing cells. Those cells have no choice but to die without finding a host to feed on. They cannot attach, they cannot feed, they cannot multiply, they cannot destroy. We activate by the words of our mouths YOUR WORD into our situation. Your Word is alive, and active, and sharper than a two-edged sword! Take Your two-edged sword deep inside of bodies, souls, and spirits; and, like a scalpel, do surgery to remove what has no right to contradict Your will for our lives! Pierce through what does not belong and root it out, we ask by the authority of Your Word! As we free Your Word to perform this operation, we release to You any attitudes, fears, unforgiveness, or unbelief which might be lurking within us. We reject them now so that disease has no legal ground to operate in our bodies!

We make some Scriptural declarations now and apply them to this situation: Proverbs 26:2 says that the curse without cause shall not come. We bind any activities set in motion through idle, undeserved, or maliciously delivered words in Jesus’ name. Jesus delivered us from the curse of the law according to Galatians 3:13. He became the cursed so that we might be freed from it. The law of the spirit of life IN HIM therefore frees us from the law of sin and death. (Rom 8:2) We, as children of the Most High, rest in the shadow of His wings. Any attack against us to vex Him will be dealt with by His strong and mighty right hand, because when the enemy attacks God’s children, it is an indirect attack against God Himself! Our Father is a protective and nurturing Father and He will defend us! We claim Nahum 1:9-10 over ourselves, and say that, though the enemy may have stricken once, he gets no further opportunity to afflict a second time. We know that unless we stake a claim with the Word of God, the enemy can run rampant…BUT WE HAVE JUST CALLED HIS HAND! We file a grievance against Satan and his minions now. We declare that GOD’S WORD says that Satan’s devices against us are like tangled thorns, a drunk consumed by his drink, and stubble completely withered. Satan’s devices have no hope of a successful end because we are ENFORCING what God’s Word has already declared on our behalf!

Thank You, Father, not because the demons are subject to us, but because our names are written in Your Book of Life! Yes, LIFE! Thank You, our shield and protector, our Jehovah Rapha Who heals us. Thank You that You have empowered us to call a halt to rogue activity in our bodies. We treat these temples of the Holy Spirit with respect and we steward our gift of health. As You reveal what we need to do to care better for our bodies, we WILL obey Your revelations! We receive Your healing now, and we thank You for withering, tangling, incapacitating, and killing out any disease (known or unbeknownst to us) which may try to afflict Your children. In Jesus’ name, we deactivate cancer’s power to grow and spread. Amen and Amen!”