Today is the Beginning of Your New Year (Regardless of When You Read This)

Prayer checklist for the new year:

  1. Something I’ve neglected that has affected me spiritually, physically, and/or emotionally. (Self examination)
  2. Something I want to never do, to be bound by, or to have sabotaging me again. (True repentance and a desire to enable meaningful change)
  3. Something that I once had that I’d like to have back or in a greater measure. (Awaken lost dreams, recover what was stolen, lost, or forfeited)
  4. Something I’ve never done or never had that I want in my life. (Courage and faith to go beyond my comfort zone)
  5. Something for which I need to forgive someone else or even myself (even if that person is no longer alive). Bonus challenge! Something for which I need to ask someone else’s forgiveness…and mean it.
  6. Something I’ve never fully surrendered to God that I need to relinquish control over. (Purging out the secret sins, hangups, hidden shame, or simply “weights” —things that hinder me from running well)
  7. Something I can do for others in the coming year by the grace of God. (Commitment to not be so self-absorbed)

This isn’t for you to answer publicly. It’s a time for personal reflection. God has given you this one human life and then eternity spent in one of two places. Don’t squander it…it’ll be gone like a vapor.

Don’t be stagnant in 2023. Dig in and ponder the tough stuff. Start measuring your progress in these areas regularly instead of letting the fallow ground go untilled for yet another year. Hold yourself accountable, raise the bar, and grow! By this time next year, you should see a difference in the way your life looks as you give these situations to God and choose to let good changes into your life!