Can’t Touch This

Being an 80’s kind of gal, I was still young when hip hop was starting to catch on in my rural area.  I must confess that this genre’s perhaps not quite as loved by me as other music, but I really liked MC Hammer’s song, “U Can’t Touch This,” which came out when I was probably in my early 20’s.  It still makes my toes tap when it hits the radio!

But the “can’t touch this” I’m referring to are those little idols we hide in the corners of our heart and guard so carefully.  We love the Lord, and we say that He’s God of our lives, and yet there are things we attach ourselves to which are detestable to Him.

The Word tells us to examine ourselves, to see whether we be in the faith (2 Cor. 13:5), and that’s a hard thing to do with objectivity sometimes.  There are areas where, if we’ve remained rebellious to what we know is right, our conscience can be seared and we no longer “see” the problem.  That’s one reason it’s good to foster friendships with iron-sharpening-iron people who are truthful with us, not just who cheerlead us and tell us everything we’re doing is good and right.

Here are some real soul-searching questions I challenge you to ask yourself, if you dare, as you seek to truly surrender all to Jesus:

  1. Is there something I do, or a friendship/relationship I have formed, which causes me to get on the defensive when I’m confronted about it?  Do I tune out the preacher or turn to another page in the Bible when I see the truth about it spelled out plainly?
  2. Is there someone for whom I, even secretly, hold unforgiveness in my heart?
  3. Is there any important decision I’m facing of which I can’t freely say to the Lord, “Your will be done.  You have my permission to change courses if You feel this is wrong for me?”
  4. Are there hobbies, possessions, people that, though in themselves not wrong for me, I’ve placed just a little higher in importance than God?  Do I resent having to set them aside long enough to worship, be in church, do things He’s called me to do?

Our Heavenly Father gives us not only a will to make our own choices, but He gives us the knowledge and strength to make right ones IF we’ll do it the way He’s instructed us to do.  He’s not hovering over you trying to catch you up in some failure so that He can disqualify you; He does, however, require effort on your part to live your life right and to put Him first.  You can still override His will and go after your own, but I promise you won’t be happy with the end result.  I’ve tried it before, and failed miserably.

Our prayer today:  “Dear God…You know everything about me.  As hard as I may try sometimes, there’s nothing I can hide from You.  I confess, there are areas of my life which I feel reluctant to surrender to You.  There are secret sins and affections which I cling to and yet they haunt me.  There are people who have hurt me, and though I know I should release them, it’s felt good to cling to a grudge just a little while longer.  There are decisions I’m getting ready to make, in which I’m not sure I want Your intervention.  Getting my own way seems pleasurable in one sense, but I’ve not been able to fully enjoy it for that nagging, gnawing knowledge in my heart of hearts that these things stand between You and me.  Forgive me, Father.  While I’m strong enough to say it now, I release these things into Your hands and give You permission to change them, and to change me.  Soften my heart, remove the callouses, and send Your Holy Spirit to convict me when I’m doing wrong.  In Jesus’ name…”

©2012  Lisa Crum

2 thoughts on “Can’t Touch This

  1. Oh! Thank you so much Lisa for the word in season! May God continue to mightily use you. May the Holy spirit keep pouring unto you for our enlightment. You are not only a blessing to me but the whole world!

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