Where Heaven and Earth Meet

I can remember how, when I was a little girl in kindergarten, all us kids would make crayon pictures.  Most of the children would draw a house, trees, pets, and people, sandwiched between a strip of green across the bottom for grass, and a strip of blue across the top, for sky.  My teacher eventually explained to the children that, in order to draw it correctly, the sky actually came all the way down to the ground, without a separation in between.  The heavens touching the earth.  Interesting, that I would remember this now, 40 years after-the-fact.  I think I really understood the profoundness of it a few years ago, however, on the back of a Harley with my husband traveling a vast expanse of road under a heavy Montana sky.  It felt as if that beautiful morning sky were going to sit down on us and crush us!

Sometimes in our walk with God, we fail to grasp just how close He is to us, and how close eternity is to our finite lives here on earth.  We live as if we’re walking on the green strip of crayon grass, with blue Heaven way above us, and we’re stuck in the white middle far beneath.  We believe in Heaven, but have little comprehension as to just how real eternity is.

God wants to bring that Heaven down to meet us where we are.  When He created us, He was looking for living, breathing tabernacles in which to dwell.  Those beautiful, ornate churches in which we worship seem like a fitting place for God to live, but those aren’t nearly as precious to Him as a receptive human heart. The more closely we walk to Him now, the more eternity makes sense—and more precious the realization that life goes on beyond this short span of time.  There isn’t a strip of nothing in-between…and when our lives cease to exist here on earth, it will be merely a seamless kissing of earth and sky.

Draw close to your Heavenly Father today, and you’ll see what I saw that morning under the Montana sky:  what’s above us is so much bigger than what’s below.  It goes on, well, forever.

“Since you have been raised to new life with Christ, set your sights on the realities of heaven…” Colossians 3:1 NLT

©2012 Lisa Crum

2 thoughts on “Where Heaven and Earth Meet

  1. WOW! What a timely Word for us Lisa! This has brought me peace today . . . Thank you SO MUCH for ministering to me today!!!! I love you Lisa! Wonderful! Just Wonderful! – Jamie

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