Give Us This Day Our Daily Friskies

Cat foodIsn’t it odd how all of nature teaches us about God’s nature?  He’s continually teaching me something about Himself…if not in the garden, through my cats.

Every morning, like clockwork, I’ll have one or two sets of paws walking over me as a gentle wakeup reminder.  Just a quick walk across and I hear a light “thud” as my furry alarm clocks jump down.  If I lie in bed and pray awhile, there are two sets of eyes beside the bed looking up at me.  They circle around me like two sharks all the way from the bed to the pantry, and stand at my feet as I first pour myself a cup of coffee.  They are patient; but they are persistent as well.

This morning’s routine had an audience.  Dana, sitting in his easy chair, watched as my entourage and I made our way through the house toward the kitchen.  He came through just as I was pouring my coffee, and as I said to the kitties, “Can Mommy get her some coffee poured first?” he chuckled and replied, “No!  We want you to take care of US first!  And Mommy loves every minute of it!”  He’s right.  I do love being needed.

Did you know that our Father God takes pleasure in our coming to Him daily with our needs?  Now, as with any parent, ultimately He’s after relationship and our hearts…but it is His delight to give us our daily bread.  How interesting that, in the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus instructs us to address our God as “Father,” right off the bat.  What a novel idea to so many who’d spent their lives reverencing only the Creator side of Him, the all-powerful, all-knowing, consuming fire side of Him.  We can address Him now as…Father?  In that first line of this prayer, we acknowledge the Holy and Powerful One and call Him FATHER all at the same time!

We come to the next part of that prayer, which declares God’s kingdom come and His will be done.  Just as my Sheba and Sam patiently wait for me to get my morning coffee, we also need to wait upon the Lord and allow His will and purposes to come even before our own wants and needs.  He won’t ignore us; He’s aware that we’re waiting…but there is a blessing in our willingness to let Him operate on His divine timetable.  I don’t even sit and drink that coffee before feeding my girls…I just pour it and give it time to cool as I go about the task of rustling up their daily bread—or, in this case, that can of cat food.  (I guess I should tell you, they have a continual supply of dry cat food throughout the day.  That can isn’t all they get to eat…it’s more a treat than anything else, but boy, do they rely on it being there!)

There’s much more to the Lord’s prayer than giving us our daily bread; but for this morning, I just wanted to share my thoughts about this aspect of relationship with God as our Father.  Just like Sheba, who almost always crams her head into the bowl even while I’m trying to shake the contents of the can into it (making a little mess of herself in her eagerness), we too are sometimes so eager for our provision that we get a little messy…but Father is patient; perhaps He’s even amused at our predictability!  He enjoys the reciprocal relationship between Himself and His needy children.  Now, these cats have nothing they can really OFFER me in the way of help around the house…if anything, they’re work.  They shed, they dirty the litter pan, and they will tear up any Kleenex or toilet paper they get their paws on into tiny shreds.  I knew that about them and still chose the relationship!  The best thing they can give me is time spent with me, nestled up and purring beside me.  God knows that we too have little to actually give in return, but He chooses us anyway!  The fact that we seek His presence, and bask in His company, is enough to make our messes worth the effort.  He desires us.  Isn’t it grand?

Now, the routine of the morning feeding is only momentary, but for the rest of the day, I have one or both of my pets following me, from office to bathroom to kitchen to bed.  They’ve already gotten their needs met, but they now are content to just hang out with their provider, as I talk baby-talk to them and occasionally grant an ear scratching.  As you go about your day today, I’m sure you will stand in need of something that only your Provider can give.  Take time to enjoy the whole experience.  Woo Him.  Follow Him.  Make your petition known, and then wait on Him.  And when Jehovah Jireh answers your prayer, nestle beside Him and show your gratitude.

His joy in meeting your needs is made full when you seek HIM throughout the day, long after your blessing has been consumed.

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