Stop Hating the Haters (A Poem About Forgiveness)

SShacklestop hating the haters, start hating the hate. The time to move on isn’t up for debate. Those who have wounded you, broken your heart Aren’t here, so why let the past tear you apart? Holding them captive, or so you believe, Is a misunderstanding and YOU are deceived! You see just the bars, but not the whole tale They’re walking around–but it’s you in the cell. No guilt trip, no lawsuit, no long-seated grudge Will unblock your peace flow; it simply won’t budge. At some point in time begs the question you dread: “Will I ever let go and forgive them instead?” They don’t have a button, a magic rewind And neither have you; so just leave it behind. Remember, although you are hurting, ’tis true, Forgiveness is something that you’ve needed, too. At some point in life, on purpose or not, You’ve gossiped or slandered, kept stirring the pot. You’ve been the one guilty of hurting another, Of wounding your enemy, sister, or brother. If not for the grace of the good Lord above, You’d be wanting for mercy, tolerance, love. And as He granted forgiveness to you His mandate was that you forgive others, too. So go forth today, and make it all right. Release the offenders, stop holding on tight. Perhaps in the sowing, you’ll reap mercy, too. Release from offenses for others and you. Stop hating the haters, start hating the hate. When love takes the high road, it’s never too late. ©2015 Lisa Crum

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