The Uninhibited Flow of God’s Word

River at YellowstoneWater has a memory. Did you know that? Observe after a heavy rainfall, when water is guided by gravity to the lowest point possible. It digs paths in every opposing surface, relentlessly. When there’s more of it than a space can handle, water seems to remember where it successfully plowed through before…and it does it again.  Ever see engineers try to re-route a stream or river? It’s not a successful venture in most cases. Water will always come back to the easiest path, even if it has to create one. To permanently divert it is a feat that few have successfully accomplished, and only with great expense and great constructive efforts.

Now compare God’s Word to that water. We are told that His Word never returns to Him void, but accomplishes what He intends. That’s powerful. Even if you are in the lowest point possible, if God’s Word is spoken over your situation in faith, nothing can stand between it and you! Like that water, it will cut across whatever obstacles are blocking you from God’s will for your life. God’s Word uttered into the atmosphere will never wind back up in heaven saying to its Author, “Sorry, but I couldn’t find him/her.” or, “The odds were too great.” When we repeat back to God what His Word says–when we declare God’s kingdom and will on earth as it is in heaven–a transaction takes place which is more powerful than we can comprehend! God already knows this about words; and that’s why the Bible is so full of counsel for us to watch what we speak!

Knowing that we were created with that weighty level of authority in our mouths, how careful ought we be to align our words with THE Word! If you knew that whatever you said about yourself would instantly come true, would you still walk around talking about how tired, how sick, how broke, how depressed, how unhappy, how messed up you are? No! Surely not! You’d be carefully picking out the very best scenarios to speak, so that you’d begin to amass only good things in your life.

Now hold that thought…and begin to deliberately filter out what you’re speaking.  MAKE it line up with the Word, because the Word can cut through obstacles just like a torrential flood of water.  Your life is going to be impacted either by what God says you can have, or by what the enemy would love to dump in your lap.  If you don’t know what God’s Word actually DOES say about who you are, what you have, why you’re here, and where you’re meant to be, it’s time you opened that Bible and found out for yourself what your words are either making possible or making impossible for you. Pray the Word, and pray for vain, foolish things you’ve spoken in the past to be superseded by new declarations of faith. Don’t waste another day of your life allowing doubt to cut channels of repeated disaster and lack into your destiny, when the Word has much better to offer. Is the Word nigh you, even in your mouth? It should be!

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