CALL THOSE THINGS: An Honest Talk About the Power of Prayer

IMG_4145I was still semiconscious lying in bed this morning when the thought, “I’d love to write a book if I had something important enough to say,” went through my mind. That thought jarred me awake, and I smiled. It was the answer I’d given people many times over the past few years who kept saying to me, “Why don’t you write a book…you should write a book!” Hey, I don’t have to give that excuse ever again, thanks to God!

A year ago I was still far away from having that book in me.  Next week I’ll be on the one-year anniversary of a doctor slamming me with an announcement that I was diabetic. I was wrestling a host of other illnesses too: chronic fatigue that got worse with each passing year, unexplained nausea every single day, digestive issues, anxiety; plus, difficulty falling asleep, but then I slept too much and yet it was never enough, not to mention other nuisance and personal maladies.  The fatigue and the wrecked concentration it caused was debilitating, but the diabetes diagnosis was the last straw. I got flaming mad every time I had to take that pill or stick my finger.  The anger was legit, but it changed nothing…I was still sick, and being sick was at the forefront of my mind.  Especially after that diagnosis!  Every little twinge or blip on my radar from then on, I would imagine it was something else the diabetes was doing to destroy my body.  I wanted to just stop feeling bad all the time, period–but I was frankly too tired to put up a fight.  I would ask God to heal me every day; but other than that, I had no real prayer strategy because that required energy I didn’t feel I had.

I was in a thick fog, a trap of Satan.  For the first time, I’m sharing with you that this also is a milestone of about a year back, when I gave our pastor notice of intent to leave employment if I didn’t have a major turnaround by the end of last year.  My work was so compromised, I knew remaining would not be good for the church.  He said, “We will just trust God!” and did not accept my offer to train someone to replace me.

A distress call from a friend, Peggy Scarborough, last April prompted me to seek Scriptures to pray in agreement with her for a sudden health crisis. Her need was so dire that I went into “grasping for straws” mode. A single prayer point evolved into about 8-9 pages of Scriptures to which I had attached prayer confessions–something over which she and several of us who were in prayer for her would be able to agree. When these prayers resulted in a turnaround for her, she encouraged me to research for other illnesses. I kept at it here and there, and then the Lord opened up an opportunity in June for me to lock away in a hotel room, alone and with no tv or distractions, and pen 12 more chapters that would complete CALL THOSE THINGS. The Lord has since then given me even more prayers to add to that list, which I publish as I get them here on my blog,

When I uploaded the last of my manuscript to the publisher, I was still dealing with these issues but had newfound encouragement in what I had mined out of the Scriptures. I kept confessing these prayers over myself.  By July 1 I had eliminated every prescription drug I was taking. No more Metformin, Zoloft, Zofran, Carafate, Zantac, and the over-the-counter sleeping pill. Long before summer was over, every symptom that plagued me (some for years) was gone. I was healed….I AM HEALED!  The most difficult to release in faith was the anxiety medication; it had become a crutch in the transition into menopause with its anxiety and mood swings–but God was faithful and He remains faithful!  Seven months later, I am still off all those medications and I feel like a different person altogether–no blood sugar roller coaster, no nausea, and I can get by many days on LESS than 8 hours sleep–not 10 or 12 or 14!  GOD is the One who did this for me when His Words became my words and my confession.  Absolutely no other explanation for it. A cool bonus:  All the health issues that a doctor would blame on a need for weight loss got healed before a single pound came off.  Yes, I’m still trusting for and working toward that goal too; but God let my healing come in advance, so that no one could say that I got well because I got rid of the excess weight!  God didn’t gauge my level of healing on how much I deserved it or how good a steward I’d been with my body–He responded to faith in His Word, pure and simple.  Now that I’m well, He’s teaching me to use vitamins, good nutrition, and natural remedies like essential oils to maximize my health…but none of these can claim the title of Healer!  Jehovah Rapha (God my Healer) is the One Who stepped in and brought the healing that changed my life forever.  And He loves you no less than He loves me!

I can’t and won’t tell you that if you buy my book you’ll be able to ditch all your meds and never again need to be under a doctor’s care.  (I would recommend no such thing unless you feel prompted of the Lord to do so.  Honestly, I laid my own meds aside because I felt the gentle assurance from God that it was time. It was time to put into practice what He had birthed in me during this investigative process. If I ever need a doctor’s care in the future, I have no qualms about seeking medical assistance.  I’ll go.)  What I CAN tell you, however, is that if you will dig your heels into the Word of God for yourself, there is life-affirming, health-giving substance that can transport you right out of the ditch you feel you’re trapped in with your body, soul, and spirit.  At one point I felt it’d be better to just never wake up again than to have to keep trudging through day after day of feeling bad all the time.   Oh, I don’t think I really wanted to die, necessarily; I was just so weary of being weary!

Also, I didn’t write CALL THOSE THINGS as a substitute so people wouldn’t have to pray on their own; but rather, as a teaching tool. I also wrote these prayers to help those who’ve exhausted all the knowledge they already have on how to pray for their healing. I know what it’s like to be so overwhelmed that you don’t know what to ask. I know what it’s like to have an emergency that leaves your mind too cluttered to pray more than, “Help me Jesus!” When Dana was beside himself in pain with kidney stones this past fall, I was so emotional that I wasn’t being very focused in my prayers for him…and I pulled up this book on my phone, right there in the emergency room, and began praying the prayers the Lord had given me months before. It felt so faith-bolstering to have all those kidney Scriptures already indexed. And God helped Dana as he lay there and agreed with each prayer point that I read over him.

One of the most satisfactory comments I’ve heard on several occasions goes like, “I didn’t know I could even ask for something like that!”  God’s so much better than we credit Him.  What a joyful revelation when at last we get that!  It’s His WILL that we walk in health.  He’s not sitting up there sprinkling “sick dust” on selective ones of us, to make us humble or teach us a lesson or punish us.  Jesus didn’t endure those stripes on His back so that He could turn around and give us the diseases He suffered and bled to free us from.  It’s my prayer that if you’re reading this, you are considering investing in this prayer manual. It’s not a read-once-and-pass-it-on kind of book. It’s a reference to go back to again and again for yourself, for your loved ones, and to keep yourself focused whenever you feel tempted to relent to the enemy’s attack on your body. You don’t have to just accept it! Know God’s will for your best life…and if you need help, consider ordering CALL THOSE THINGS for yourself.

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